About Alicesarborbk

Alice’s Arbor Restaurant is an association of three people who met 15 years ago in the Lower East side.

Mike Franzetti, the chef, was a neighbor when Stephan Gerville and Dimitri opened Baraza and Esperanto in the East village. Dimitri Vlahakis then went on to open the popular Motorino, Summit Bar and the Bowery Diner.

The decor of the restaurant is created with reclaimed materials throughout, with vintage barn and pallet wood to create a comfortable aesthetic.


Head Chef

Has worked under Jean Louis Paladin, Jonathan Waxman and at Chestnut in Brooklyn, where he honed his skills in the European tradition. He’s now using those skills to pursue his main interest: authentic, seasonal, full-flavored American dishes with an emphasis on farm-to-table fare.

Connect with us

Have photos of us, send them to FriendsTagFriends@gmail.com and we’ll give you a treat*!