What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

There seems to be a great deal of curiosity on “what does cottage cheese taste like”?. It’s like half of the people in the world who has tried it are raving about it, while the other half do not like it at all.

So how do you actually know if you would fall under the first half or the latter half?

But if you are not that adventurous and courageous enough when it comes to trying out new stuff for your palate in fears that you might get disappointed (or worse – traumatized), let me help you out.

I had to find out a way to describe it because one of my kids kept asking me with, “Mom, what do cottage cheese taste like? and does cottage cheese taste good?” I told her we’ll buy some so she can try it, but she would adamantly refuse.

Apparently, she’s heard two of our neighbors talking about it – the other one said she didn’t like it while the other one said she loved cottage cheese. So my poor little girl got curious but is afraid to try.

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

what does cottage cheese look like

Cottage cheese may taste strange to some individuals, however generally, it has a creamy and also a little salty flavor.

Following this, it somewhat looks like and also can replicate the ricotta cheese’s taste if you have actually ever before tasted the last cheese as well as need it currently.

Cottage cheese can be made from all type of milk and comes in different tastes, such as sour lotion or fruit-flavored home cheeses.

It tastes extremely slightly salty with a distinct tang and rich appearance to it, so much like yogurt yet without the sourness.

The creaminess is what helps to specify it as a cheese as opposed to just a milk product. There isn’t much of any flavor in any way.

The texture can be soft or firm, depending on for how long it has actually been being in storage.

Like with lots of types of cheese, it is commonly combined with other things to include even more flavor.

In some nations, it can be experienced with cumin or paprika, which draws out the subtle taste of celebrity and makes an excellent side recipe for meats.

Why Do Some People Love Cottage Cheese?

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what does cottage cheese look like
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The truth though is, if you ask five different people “what does cottage cheese taste like?”, you would probably receive five different answers as well.

But in a very general way of putting things, cottage cheese has a very prominent creamy or milky taste with a tang of saltiness in it.

So, in short, it tastes like… wait for it… cheese! Yes, it tastes like cheese!

The taste, of course, would vary depending on brands. The texture also varies, like there are large curd and small curd cottage cheese products, so the experiences can be different.

Also, cottage cheese products have different levels of milk fat content. Some are fat-free, some have 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%.

The kind that has the highest milk fat, which is 4%, will taste the creamiest. This is what most people really enjoy eating because of its taste.

The ones which have no fat content or low fat content are less creamy and have a tinge of sourness in them.

So although there’s the cheese taste to it, it kind of also has a “sour cream” feel to it.

Now, you might be thinking that if this tastes just how regular cheeses would taste like, why would anyone be hesitant, right? Or why would they even hate it?

Why do Some People Hate Cottage Cheese?

The most common reason why people initially feel revolted to try it is because of its smell.

Some people say it smells like vomit, some say it’s like milk that has gone bad. Those two seem pretty similar to me. So you get the idea.

The next thing that scares people to try it is its texture – it is lumpy/chunky with a somewhat liquid consistency.

People mostly think that it looks like spoiled milk because of how curdy it looks. And who would be brave and crazy enough to put spoiled milk into their mouth?!

But yeah, that is just really psychological, and sometimes it can’t be helped because it really is challenging to get over preconceptions.

Just take a look of the video of this guy who took a recording of the first time he will be trying cottage cheese. It is really hilarious!

Although his wife likes to eat it unmixed with anything and his daughter loves it, it was really just hard for him to jump right on and try it.

He said its appearance reminds him of his daughter’s vomit which he had to clean in five different occasions.

You should watch it!

It will be so worth it if only for the heck of finding out whether he liked it or not.

It would definitely give you a very visual idea on what does cottage cheese taste like. Who knows? It might be the encouragement you need to finally push you to try it.

Here it is:

What is Cottage Cheese Made Of?

If it is just cheese, how come it has that kind of consistency and why does it have curds in it?

Well, cottage cheese is made up of milk and an enzyme called rennin. This enzyme causes the milk to coagulate from its liquid form to a somewhat solid state, thus, the curds.

Rennin also splits up the whey protein (which is in liquid form) from the curd protein (which is solid-like but soft).

Most of the whey protein actually gets drained during the manufacturing process, but some of it still remains in the final cottage cheese products which is why it has that kind of texture.

Additional ingredients may be different per brand, but usually, it has salt, cream, and maybe starch too. How do you go about eating it if you are hesitant?

First off, if you would really want to try it but have reservations, you might feel more comfortable with the idea of mixing it with something else.

A lot of people swear by how good it tastes when combined with fruits like strawberries, pineapples, peaches, tomatoes, or pears.

You can also try mixing it with your favorite jelly flavor. These complement cottage cheese well and can make it taste so much better.

But if you’d like to try it without any mix, you should start with getting the variant that has 4% milk fat in it as the taste would be more suitable for your palate if you’re used to eating cheese.

You could also drain some of the liquid off to reduce some of the sour taste, if you prefer.

Final Verdict So, What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

Like in most other kinds of food, cottage cheese might not be for everyone.

You may or may not like it depending on your taste buds, but if you would really want to try it, as discussed it, there really is a way to make the experience less scary for you. It might even turn out to be enjoyable!

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