There is no doubt that Boston butt is a hit not only on parties but on any occasion as well. It is very useful because of the versatility that it gives.

As a result, you can use it on various dishes without difficulties. This is why it is truly a great buy. It is easily sold out on every meat shop as you can notice.

It does not matter whether you will use it for your business or personal consumption, you and your family will enjoy it. Compared to the other portions of meat, it is tasty and tender.

It can be mistaken as dirty as intestines but it is not. The Boston Butt or pork butt is where you can find a decent amount of meat. But do not be mistaken as Boston butt is not gotten from butt alone.

We can find the Boston Butt on the portions of the arm, neck, and shoulder blade of the pig. Also, the ability to cook it in multiple forms makes it a perfect choice for every home and restaurant.

How You Can Cook it Effectively?

Since you have lots of choices to make when cooking a Boston Butt, it can give you a lot of ease. However, if you don’t know how to trim it, this could be an issue.

But before we proceed to the keen details of how to trim a Boston Butt, let us give you the overview on how to cook a Boston butt.

Take note, this is just the basic steps of how you can cook a Boston butt, assuming that you already have the fundamentals in cooking.

  • First, you must determine what kind of meal you would like to have. This will let you know what type of cooking will you do on your Boston butt.
  • You can either do some frying or stewing, it is up to you. The result varies. People usually use them for their barbecues, braising, and stewing.
  • Also, knowing what kind of meal you will cook allows you to know what kind of cookware you will need. You can use the normal cook pan on a stove or broiler if you prefer to.
  • The next step is to marinate the meat. Although some prefer to trim them first rather than marinating them beforehand.
  • You can swap either of the two depending on your preference. It is now your time to put your desired spices that will constitute the overall taste and appearance of the dish.
  • This is now the time to cook it on your preferred output. Boiling is essential at first to avoid unnecessary residue while cooking.
  • It will also help absorb the spices and at the same time give a better texture to your finished product.
  • Cook until it is crispy if you are looking to have a fried meal or stew until you reach the desired softness if you desire to have a stew.

Trimming a Boston Butt

Now you already know the uses and already have an insight on how to cook a Boston butt, it is now time to tackle this topic.

This is important in the sense that you’ll get to have the best sizing and texture of the meat.

Without further ado, let us start to enumerate the steps on how to trim a Boston butt.

First, you’ll need the following materials before doing so…

  • Chopping board
  • Meat knife
  • Knife sharpener (If necessary)
  • Kitchen gloves (for hygienic purposes)
  • Apron

The Steps:

  • Wear the necessary attire in cooking
  • It is now time to put the meat on the chopping board. We are using a chopping board to ensure that the meat will be on an even surface and for hygienic purposes as well.
  • Using a well-sharpened knife, it is now time to pierce the Boston butt. Be sure that it is defrosted before you attempt to trim it. There are best butcher knife sets available to make the job easier. They are specifically-designed for this kind of tasks.
  • Use just the right force in holding the knife. You will notice the fats as you try to trim them.
  • In trimming, you can start either from the bottom of the top (orientation is facing towards you)
  • However, the thickness of each slice solely depends on how you will cook the Boston butt.
  • After you have successfully sliced all the portion of the Boston butt, it is now time to cook them.

The Right Slice Sizing

Most of the time, people do use the portion of this hog meat known as the Boston butt as a main raw ingredient for their BBQ recipe.

While on the other side, some use it for their stew mixed with delicious vegetables.

Lastly, it is also popular as the main meat used in creating tasty hams for the holidays.

To give you an insight, here are the various types of slices that you can do with a Boston butt.

  • Cubes: If you plan to throw in a barbecue party then cube slices are the best way to go. It is also great for stew recipes.
  • Half or whole slice: People who plan to use the Boston butt as ham can leave it as it is.
  • They just need to put in the spices for marinating then store it for a while until there is a fermentation happening on the meat for better flavor.
  • You can slice it horizontally as a raw ingredient if you do plan to cook two individually.

How Does A Boston Butt Usually Taste Like?

After finishing the whole cooking process, you can usually enjoy the tenderness and richness of flavor that Boston butt gives.

This is why a lot of people love them by including them in their recipes.

Conclusion For “How to Trim a Boston Butt?”

Boston butt is the best in all aspects. The desirable taste that it gives is truly a joy for many people.

It can make us connect with our family and friends while enjoying the wonderful dishes in front of us.

By knowing how to trim it properly before cooking, it could be the best experience that you could ever have.

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