How To Buy A Dining Table For Kitchen

Dining table is the key of the kitchen space, which brings not only appetite for dinner but also express emotions of huddled family.

Moreover, the arrangement of a reasonable dining room will inspire people in the kitchen, and the dish will be the homemaker’s work family.

When choosing to buy a dining table, you should look thoroughly one of the following factors:

Size And Shape

The size and shape of the table not only depends on the table area, but also the around things, especially the key items in the kitchen as mainstream high-end kitchen stove.

Style And Materials

A kitchen of classic style is impossible to fit a dining table made of glass and iron legs and vice versa, no one places a wooden table with pattern cumbersome in the modern kitchen.


Cookware has always been exposed to heat so the materials selected for these devices should also be noted in particular.

Whether glass, wood or metal, the table should also be studied in terms of heat resistance with the features of no warping, cracking when temperature changes.

Just Pocketbook

The equipment in the home not only need to be calculated to fit the size, but needs to the budgets of families.

Do not put too much money on a device that reduces the budget for the next investment.

A dining table properly selected will serve you longer without being outdated or damaged.

Because dining table is an important utensil in the kitchen space, where family members spend time together, so it should be classified accordingly to bring warm space, fortune for the home.

The following tips will help you place it suitably according to the Feng Shui.

Seen from the perspective of Feng Shui practitioners, do not choose triangular table or parallelogram with sharp corners, because the sharp corner is potentially dangerous and  not safe and unhealthy eating.

Dinner table in the kitchen should be located in a secret place, avoid booking a table at the entrance, and it should not be placed opposite to the ancestral altar or worship.

If the area of the house is narrow ​​, you should put away a little table and stepp to the side to avoid the altar table lying on a straight line.

Taboos when placing table in the bar room with head hanging over the home will lead to non-transparency and demographic shrinkage.

In the case the kitchen area is too narrow to place, they should hang spheres with matching colors underneath the crossbar.

Dining table should not be put in the hard position. It means those positions conflict with the five basic elements of the home.

For example, if the host is “ basically west destination”, the table should be avoided being placed at four locations, which are west, southwest, northwest and northeast.

If the host is “western destination” , you need to avoid placing table at four locations in southeast, east, south and north.

You absolutely should avoid dining table toward straight doors. If the table accompanies with door to make a line, people standing outside the door may know people in the house , who are eating. This is a bad thing.

Second, the table should not be opposite to god status because the gods are vegetarian basied on the Buddhist concept, the predatory are non-vegetarian, which is bad to face each other.

The third, the top table should not be pickled home horizontally. Because if the dinner table with home are pickled easily, it will create a sense of insecurity.

To remedy this situation, you should move table away, or hang below the column batch lake house.

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